Professor Liao Fan: International Rules on Government Subsidies and China’s Response under the New Situation


On December 2-3, 2017, the CASS Forum and Fourteenth International Law Forum: International Law in a New Era: Change, Innovation, and Development, sponsored by CASS and organized by CASS Institute of International Law and “Belt and Road” Judicial Research Base of the Supreme People’s Court, was successfully held in Beijing. As we all know, since the global financial crisis, the recovery of the world economy has been weak and trade protectionism has been on the rise. The uncertainties and vagueness in the WTO multilateral rules and the rampant development of trade unilateralism have led to growing number of anti-dumping and countervailing measures, which have triggered frequent trade disputes. In this rising trend towards anti-globalization and trade protectionism, China has become the biggest victim of trade remedy measures. During the Forum, Professor Liao Fan, Head of the Department of Research Coordination and International Cooperation of CASS Institute of International Law, was interviewed by the web portal of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ( on the issue of international rules on government subsidies and China’s response under the new situation.

The following is the video link to the interview: