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The Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) is a national-level institute for the research of law. It is located to the northwest of the Forbidden City, to the east of Jinshan Park, and to the north of the formal site of Peking University. The main building of the Institute was constructed in 1935 as the Geology Department of the former Peking University.

The preparatory work for the establishment of the Institute was initiated in 1956. The Institute was formally established in 1958 under the Division of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It became part of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1978. The first director of the Institute was Zhang Youyu, the successive former directors were Wang Zhongfang, Sun Yaming, Wang Shuwen, Wang Jiafu, Liu Hainian, and Xia Yong. The current director is Li Lin and deputy directors are Chen Su, Feng Jun and Mu Linxia.

The Law Institute consists of 12 research departments, 11 research centers, several administrative departments, a law faculty, a library, two editorial offices, and a website. Currently there are 108 permanent staff members and 75 staff members reemployed after retirement. Among them, there are two CASS members, five honorary CASS members, one lifetime professor, 70 senior research fellows, 52 associate research fellows, 42 supervisors of doctoral candidates, and 43 supervisors of graduate students. Besides, it has also engaged a number of world famous scholars and lawyers as honorary professors, visiting professors or gust research fellows. The Institute publishes two national-level law journals-Chinese Journal of Law and Global Law Review-and an English language law journal-China Law Review. The Institute began to enroll graduate students in 1978, was authorized to award Ph.D. degree in 1991, became a mobile post-doctoral station in 1992, and approved by the State Council to be the first-grade unit to award doctoral degree and J.M. degree in legal science in 2003.

The main functions of the Law Institute are: first, to become a specialized law research institution with profound academic accumulation and engage in research on basic theories of law and the rule of law; second, to become the think tank of the ruling party and the government, and to carry out policy researches on democracy, the rule of law and human rights; third, to rely on a research-teaching team that covers all the main disciplines of law science to carry out multi-level legal education and legal training; fourth, to represent Chinese legal scholars to carry out international academic exchange and cooperation in the field of law and participate in and promote the internationalization of Chinese legal study and legal culture.

The Law Institute has many world famous scholars and has published a large number of top-quality works that have won many important awards, such as awards of "Special Contribution and Excellent Achievements since the Reform and Opening-up", and played an important role in the political and social life of the country. Since 1995, experts from the Institute have delivered nine legal lectures at the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and seven at the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. The Institute has been awarded the title of "National-Level Advanced Unit in the Dissemination of Legal Knowledge" and many experts from the Institute have been awarded the title of "National-Level Advanced Individual in the Dissemination of Legal Knowledge" in the third and fourth Five Year National Plan for the Dissemination of Legal Knowledge. Seven scholars from the Institute are either present or former members of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, or delegates to the National People's Congress and four was awarded the title of "Ten Outstanding Young Jurists". The Law Institute has been entrusted or invited by the relevant Party organs and Government departments to participate in the demonstration of policies, in the drafting of law, in research on the construction of the rule of law and judicial reform, in state-level human rights dialogues, and in many other activities.

During the past years, the Law Institute has been continuously developing good relationship of academic cooperation with foreign academic institutions, international organizations and colleagues from all over the world. Currently, the Institute has close relationship of academic exchange with research institutions in over 40 countries and as well as in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Address: 15 Shatan Beijie, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

Postal Code: 100720

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