The CASS Journal of Law was initiated in 1954. It is a national-level academic journal of legal theory published by the Law Institute of CASS.
  As an academic journal, The CASS Journal of Law attaches great importance to the research of basic legal theories and endeavors to reflect the latest results of legal research of highest academic level in China. To achieve this goal, it upholds the principle of "letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend", encourages academic debate and criticism, advocates the application of new research methods, strictly follows the relevant academic standards, devotes itself to the development of theoretic system of law science in China, and promotes the research of new and interdisciplinary subjects.

The CASS Journal of Law publishes articles that are of great theoretical and practical importance to the state policy of "ruling the country by law and constructing a socialist state under the rule of law" and to legislation, law-enforcement, and legal supervision in China. Many of the articles published in the Journal have had evoked major repercussions in Chinese law circle as well as the Chinese society as a whole, and many theoretical suggestions and policy proposals put forward in these articles have been adopted by the relevant state departments.

The CASS Journal of Law has been recognized in Chinese law circle as the law journal of the highest academic standard and it has won many prizes awarded by the CASS and the General Administration of Press and Publication.

To ensure high academic quality, the Editorial Office of The CASS Journal of Law adopts the system whereby the editor-in-chief assumes the overall responsibility for the contents of the Journal, the system whereby a contribution must reviewed by editors at three different levels before being used by the Journal, and the anonymous referee system. The Journal welcomes contributions from both Chinese and foreign authors. Only unpublished original contributions will be accepted. The Editorial Office of The CASS Journal of Law reserves the exclusive right to the use of articles published in the Journal for the one-year period starting from the date of publication. No such article, nor any extraction, translation, or expert of such article may be reprinted or published as a part of a collection without written permission from the Editorial Office.

The CASS Journal of Law is a bimonthly journal published on the 23rd of each odd-numbered month. There are 208 pages in each issue. The Journal is distributed both in China and abroad (ISSN 1002-896X). Its overseas distributor is China International Book Trading Corporation (Address: China International Book Trading Corporation 35 Chegongzhuang Xilu, Haidian District, Beijing 100044 China).

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