The Institute of Law consists of research departments, research centers, administrative departments and other organizations directly affiliated to the Institute.

  Administrative Departments
Research Administration and Foreign Affairs Department Personnel Department General Office

  Research Departments
Department of Jurisprudence Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law Department of Criminal Law
Department of Procedural Law Department of Civil Law Department of Commercial Law
Department of Economic Law Department of Intellectual Property Rights Law Department of Legal History
Department of Media and Information Law Department of Survey and Studies of National Situation of Rule of Law Department of Social Law

  Research Centers
Center for Human Rights Studies Center for Public Law Studies Center for Private Law Studies
Center for EU Law Studies Center for Asian Law Studies Center for Intellectual Property Rights Law Studies
Center for Democracy Issues Study Center for the Study of Laws of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Center for Legal Consultation and Legal Aid
Center for Gender and Law Studies Center for the Study of Cultural Law  

  Other Organizations Directly Affiliated to the Law Institute
Law Faculty CASS Law Library Editorial Office for The Chinese Journal of Law
Editorial Office for Global Law Review Editorial Office for China Law Review China Legal Science Website
Beijing Dongfang Public Interest and Legal Aid Law Firm    
Institute of International Law
Currently, the Institute of International Law consists of four research departments, namely Department of Public International Law, the Department of Private International Law, the Department of International Economic Law and the Department of International Human Rights Law , a Department of Research Administration and Foreign Affairs, three research centers, namely the Research Center of the Law of the Sea and Maritime Affairs, the Research Center of Competition Law and the Research Center of International Criminal Law and an Editorial Office for International Law Studies. The Institute of International Law also has a personnel department and a general office that work together with their counterpart departments of the Institute of Law to service both institutes.